Cabinet 1930's

I made this cabinet from the thirties a while ago.


It is a copy of an existing one and as you
can guess the round little doors
where a big challenge. 

I couldn't find fine ironwork for the handles
so I made the them out of wood.

The doily is hand knotted with the frivolité technique
and it is custom made for this cabinet by Marja.

Just popping in to say Hello!

Just popping in to say hello and
see how you are doing! 

I tried to phone you recently ... let you know I am still busy making miniatures
but you were not in.

And if you are still busy too making miniatures and need a break;
I left some delicious soup for you on the stove,
feel free to help yourself.

The cake in the oven is for later.
So lets catch up and tell me all about
your latest miniwork.

Dolls Rocking

Almost a year ago I visited an "Antique Toy" museum nearby.
Shown was a private collection from a very kind lady who never
stopped playing. A lot of inspiration came to me that day. 
One of the toy's I made in 1:12 scale is a dolls rocking
that was in the museum. 
The blue-red one is an exact copy.
The doll in the picture is from Almudena Gonzales
Annelies de Kort recently designed a knitting patern for
an irresistable cute little bear ...
... which does fit in the rocking chair as wel ...
The description to make this dolls rocking (or bear rocking!) is
published in the dutch magazine Dolls House Nederland nr. 117 
But there are a also kits available.
If you want to purchase a kit (description and materials) please leave
I'll show you another toy later ...

Leather Miniatures

Last week I joined again a class from Wim van Soest.
(unfortunatly no website)
This time we made this stunning miniature doctor's bag
from real leather.
Over the years I made several leather miniatures in
Wim's classes;
this is my collection so far ...
The ice skates are my favourit.
There was even written an article in
the German Dolls House Magazine 1zu12
about that workshop ...
Reason was the picture I made from grandma
greasing the ice skates.
If you enlarge the picture you can read
the article.
And because there is no doctor living in
my dollshouse (yet ...??),
the doctor's bag can also be used as
a weekend bag.
Very usefull for the season that is comming  ...
And Wim, if you are reading this; can please
"Warm Lady Slippers"
be added to your list of workshops?


I joined a class from Loes Snoodijk last weekend
to make a small gas stove.
It's placed in our tent and as you can see the coffee
will be ready in a minute ... 
... a chair is waiting for me outside;
this weekend we are going camping!
And, as a typical dutch habit, we brought our own
potatoes, coffee, peanut butter and chocolate sprinkles!
Enjoy your weekend!


This little bird lives recently with us ...

He is enjoying his new home very much!
Lot's of love and attention, the tastiest food, 
frech water and of course a new paper every day ...
It is not easy to make good pictures of our dear friend but you can
click on the pictures to enlarge them.
A workshop to make this birdcage is online
and written by Karin (click!) 

Liberty Chair

Two weeks ago I joined a class from Loes Snoodijk to make a Liberty Chair. I sighned up last september and was looking forward to it very much and here it finally is ...

The frame is made of mahony wood and the back is adjustable! I am very pleased with this miniature and so does grandpa ...