New shoes!

Showing you my new shoes! Handmade by me, from real leather, with lots of help from Wim van Soest who designed these lovely boot-shoes. They even have a mark inside and it was great learning how make them.

It was hard to resist the brightfull colours of leather he brought ... and because summer is coming soon, I thought I'd better have more than one pair ...


I was about twelve years old when I learned how to chrochet. I took it very seriously and started to make a blanket ... I used two colours; aqua and dark blue. My mother was a smart women; she bought me a new ball yarn, after I used one ... she never had to buy more than four. So entering the miniature world I did see a lot of chrocheted miniatures. I thought it would be easy to start again but it didn't work out that way. I had forgotten how do do it!! Because I had to stay much inside this week with our little dog who is recovering from a nasty infection, I thought I try again ... and today ... I did it!

All those things I would like to make; what shall I choose?


A warm welcome to my folowers!

Dear all, thank you for your support and a special thanks to Debbie who introduced me to some of you! I hope you enjoy these daffodils as much as I enjoyed making them.

Warm regards, Monique

Revolving Bookcase

Another passion of mine is books! The color of its cover, the way the title is written, the smel of the paper, the promiss what's inside ... no need to tell you I can never walk by a bookstore.
I still have my first book that took me to another world; "Danny, the champion of the world" written by Roald Dahl. I just love to read.

So when I saw the plan of this piece of furniture I had to make it! I made the books from real old books; I went to the second hand shop and took the ones with a nice cover. While making them I was often suprised by the second page of a book; it's a blanc page but often beautiful aged.

Of course this special miniature gets a spot in my dutch canal house.