Carved Chest

Last weekend I joined a workshop from Ann High
at Annelies place, to make a beautifull
14th century chest with a carved tilting scene.
This is the one I made:

Saturday early in the morning:
This is my piece of wood I used to practise making
lines, learn how to use tools in the right way;
I had no experience at all and it doesn't look
very promising ...

I still cannot believe she made me carve the
tilting scene as it is.
We finished the carved scene on Sunday afternoon.
I did like the carving part the most; in a way it is relaxing
and it was hard to stop. But in the afternoon we had to get
on with the last part of the workhop;
finish the chest, take it home ... and play!


  1. Wat een prachtige kist. Heel mooi gemaakt. Lijkt me prachtig werk om te doen.

    groet Heleni

  2. Oh wow! Your carving is just adorable! But the little blanket and these "sock-shoes" (what´s the word???) fit so nicely into this season and make it look so cozy :-)
    Sandra xxx

  3. Oh now I am jeleaous! ;D Lucky you! A workshop with Ann High! WOW! I've been admiring her works for years but I really can't count for a workshops like that over here:(
    You did a beautiful carving! And the blanket with socks are so pretty:)

  4. My goodness you have created a beautiful piece to treasure!

  5. It´s so so beautiful.
    It´s a inspiration!

  6. i can hardly believe that was the first time you carved something like this. you did a fantastic job the chest is gorgeous! Congratulations. :-))

  7. Mooi Monique! Ik heb deze workshop ook gedaan, helaas was dat maar een dag en dat was toch wel wat kort. Het is wel leuk om te doen he?
    Ik vind je soksloffen ook erg leuk!

  8. The box is beautiful! I can not believe it's your first task of carving! Congratulations

  9. What a beautiful chest you made, Monique! Amazing the fine details. I would love to join a workshop like this someday... you did a fantastic job :)