Delft Blue Tile

Some pictures of a Delft Blue Tile that I have embroidered. 
It is stitched on 72 count silk gauze with silk thread.
Including the list the size is 1,8 x 1,8 cm (0,6")
For the dutch readers; this pattern (and many more) is published in DHN 94.
You can buy the Silk gauze, needles and Silk thread here.
Note from Wikipedia:
Delftware, or Delft pottery, denotes blue and white pottery made in and around Delft in the Netherlands and the tin-glazed pottery made in the Netherlands from the 16th century. Delftware in the latter sense is a type of pottery in which a white glaze is applied, usually decorated with metal oxides. Delftware includes pottery objects of all descriptions such as plates, ornaments and tiles.


  1. Wat mooi.
    Je maakt hele mooie dingen en je blog is erg leuk.
    Ik vind je foto op je banner ook zo prachtig.

    Fijne avond, groetjes, Alexandra.

  2. My gosh 72 count WOW! Even before I read your post (seeing the thumb nail) I recognized the design as a Dutch tile. Great job!

  3. Wat een schattig tegeltje! Goed dat je de link erin gezet hebt voor het Onderhuisje, dank je wel.

  4. Hello Monique,
    Wonderful workmanship. The detail is very crisp and the stitching looks perfect.
    Very impressive work.
    Big hug,

  5. vous faites de très jolies chose : broderies, sculptures sur bois ...
    je suis ravie de découvrir votre blog.