Pinn Ball Machine

Last Saturday I joined a class from Bert Aarts (click) to make a Pinn Ball Machine. It's a copy of a model that was released in 1978; Bally Lost World.
No need to tell you how happy Grandpa and the Grandchildren 
are with this nostalgic game ...
... even the little one who is to young to play by himself
 likes to watch the game ...
Have Fun!!  

Embroidered Sampler

Instead of the vintage I have put down our initials; this way it
is not tied to a time period. This sampler is embroidered on
silk gauze 48 count and the size incl. the frame is 5 x 4 cm. ( 1,9" x  1,5" )
This sampler was to try before I started with this 19th Century
Persian Carpet using the 40 count silk gauze.
And Yes, I do remember saying I'll never emboider a carpet again
after I finished the last one last autumn ... 
I'll probably say the same after I finished this one ....  :-)

Ice Skates

This winter brought us many hours of ice skating fun!
But Spring is on it's way and the ice skates can be
cleaned and greased ...
... hoping for another great ice skating season next year!
Enjoy the Springdays!!
I joined a class from Wim van Soest last saturday to
 make the ice skates. Stunning real leather is used.