Just popping in to say Hello!

Just popping in to say hello and
see how you are doing! 

I tried to phone you recently ...

....to let you know I am still busy making miniatures
but you were not in.

And if you are still busy too making miniatures and need a break;
I left some delicious soup for you on the stove,
feel free to help yourself.

The cake in the oven is for later.
So lets catch up and tell me all about
your latest miniwork.


  1. Wat leuke foto's, ik kan de soep en cake bijna ruiken. Bij mij liggen de miniaturen stil, maar ik begin weer een beetje zin te krijgen. Groeten

  2. Hello Monique,
    The pictures are terrific. They look real life.
    Big hug

  3. Beautiful! I love the old fashioned phone... and the idea that you call and nobody is home! Remember that? The soup is so inviting... the light in the oven to show the baking cake is marvelous!!! I hope you will post again soon!