21 augustus 2019


After endless sliding with furniture (2 years!) I 
finally know how I want to decorate the kitchen. 
This is how it will be ….

Time to begin finishing; I whitened the walls and ceiling,
applied window slats and built a chimney 
for the old stove ...

The coffeepot on the stove is one of my favourite miniatures. 
It is made from paper and I bought it several years ago
at a fair in Belgium.  

There is still much work to do in the kitchen 
so … how about a cup of coffee first?  

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Your improvements to the kitchen are PERFECT! I love the chimney hood over the stove and the whitewashed walls in combination with the tiles which really make them stand out!
    And the unique yellow coffee pot on the stove top is FABULOUS! It's a Real Treasure and compliments the rest of your Very Inviting as well as Comfortable kitchen :D

  2. me encanta el diseño que has hecho para la cocina,se ve magnífico! Seguiré tus avances!

  3. I love the colors and tilework especially. So beautiful! :D

  4. De keuken is mooi geworden. De schouw kan zo gekopieerd zijn uit mijn oude studentenhuis. Alleen stond er niet zo'n mooi fornuis in en was het héél wat minder schoon dan in deze mooie keuken. :-)


  5. Wat een mooie oudhollandse keuken!
    groetjes van Marijke