4 december 2019

St. Nicholas

This week we celebrate the birthday of St. Nicholas 
in the Netherlands, Belgium and a part of Germany.
A magical tradition with a lot 
excitement about making and giving presents.

We are ready to celebrate it!
While opening the presents we will have a
 typical dutch drink called "advocaatje"
(like eggnog) with wipped cream
and (way to much) St. Nicholas sweets.

And if St. Nicholas visits us by himself …
then there will be  tasty carrots for his horse
in the wooden shoe by the stove.
 (= part of the tradition
so he always knows were to find them ; -) )

Have a nice evening!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat ontzettend leuk, de traditie zo in beeld te brengen.

    Gr. Thea

  2. Que la visita de San Nicolás llegue cargada de alegría y regalos!!

  3. Ik neem aan dat die goede Sint van de advocaat gesmuld heeft. Ziet er mooi uit.