21 juli 2020

Embroidery, patterns and framing

Lately I've been doing some miniature embroidery. 
I love to do this after busy workingdays.

Similar to these were available at Elly's Estate
Does someone know the designer of them?

These 4 small ones (40 count) are for the nursery 
and the designs are by Jacqueline Aarts.

The one I am working on now (72 count) 
is a part of a big antique pattern from this site
(more than 3200 beautiful antique embroiderypatterns!) 

The frame was carved by me a few years ago. 
I did not aply finish at that time so when I picked 
it up recently it fell apart.
After renewing it the pattern  of the frame is unfortunately 
no longer continuous but I still like it though.  

I made pictures of the way I frame embroidery, 
fitting exactly into the frame, 
so if you are interested read on ... 

The countnumber of the gauze and the pattern tells you 
what the sizes of the embroidery are going to be.
These sizes are the inner sizes of the frame.

Cut equal frame parts simultaneously and glue!

Cut the mesh equal to the outer dimensions of the frame. 
Seal the edges with a little (tacky) glue.
Determine at the front of the frame the area 
to be embroidered.

Cut cardboard with a gloss layer to fit exactly into 
the edges of the frame.
When the embroidery is done aply a thin layer 
Tacky glue on the cardboard.

Glue the embroidery on the cardboard and CENTER it!
Cut the mesh equal to the cardboard and put it in te frame.

Good Luck!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I love the antique embroidery... thank you for the link!

  2. Hoi Monique,

    Het zijn prachtige borduurwerkjes. Zo fijn. En bedankt voor deze link. Hartstikke interessant! Nu moet ik alleen nog leren borduren. :-)